Table Stages

“Table Stages” will be an hour-long multimedia work created in collaboration between six distinct artistic voices – composers, performers, visual artists. They are Miranda Cuckson (violinist and curator, NY), Jenna Lyle (composer and performer, Chicago), Du Yun (composer and performer, NY), Katharina Rosenberger (composer and installation artist, LA/Switzerland), Robert Mahon (photographer and visual artist, NJ), and Ross Karre (percussionist and projection designer, NY). Their work will turn the National Sawdust space into an interactive area in which material, sound, gesture and imagery are synthesized for the purpose of sonic and visual discovery.
In “Table Stages”, the artists and audience will explore the duality of materiality and immateriality. The idea of materiality will be strikingly represented by a central table which sets the stage for encounters with an array of matter: an evolution of materials in different states and forms, their tangible textures and the sounds they can create. Music will be drawn from these objects along with the violin, voices and percussion instruments both classically traditional and less familiar. This investigation of materials will be playfully juxtaposed with the immateriality of light, shadows and filmed images. Robert Mahon’s sequence of photographic images will be distributed in the space using innovative projection design involving multiple freestanding screens and scrims. Shadows will be generated and arranged from the positioning of light sources and movements by the performers in the space.
The three composers in the group will contribute individual musical works and also collaborate together on music that will involve spontaneous interplay or overlapping dialogue, thus stimulating new possibilities of musical form and multiple modes of interaction.