Found Sound Nation

Found Sound Nation (FSN) will curate 3 projects at NS this season, featuring our growing network of international artists and alumni of our OneBeat international music exchange. FSN artists will work in partnership with local schools and community organizations to design and facilitate creative workshops with youth and performances for the NS main space.

FSN’s creative workshop model challenges young people to explore their environment and imagination through the lens of sound, creating innovative music projects based on those explorations. FSN workshop participants work with music & media professionals as they develop competency in audio technology, music production, and leadership. Using a hands-on, participant-centered approach, our projects bring a critical ear to literature, technology, and politics, based on our belief that sound and music are essential tools to understand and effect positive change in an individual, neighborhood or society.

Hear Be Dragons – January 2016

As a follow-up to our pre-opening collaboration in May 2015, the community-based arts education and creative arts initiative Hear Be Dragons is returning to NS to continue building and presenting original sound pieces based on neighborhood and place. Led by Cape Town-based musician Kyla-Rose Smith and dancer Hannah Loewenthal, Hear Be Dragons investigates the ways in which sound and the urban environment influence our quality of life, our perception of history and memory, and our notions of identity, place and time. In January, three participants from our Cape Town workshops will travel to Brooklyn, NY to meet their workshop counterparts and continue this exploration.

Alex Asher and People’s Champs – February 2016

People’s Champs, led by trombonist and OneBeat alum Alex Asher, will lead a two-week music and songwriting workshop with high school students in Brooklyn, exploring song form, instrumentation, rhythm, lyric writing, and original music creation. The workshop will culminate in a performance at NS, where the group will share their workshop experience & then rock NS with funky, soulful, retro sound.

About Alex Asher
Known for his Grammy-award winning work with Beyoncé Knowles as well as his indefatigable presence at the forefront of the Brooklyn music scene, trombonist/composer Alex Asher is quickly making a name for himself in New York City. With feet placed equally in Brooklyn’s indie rock community and it’s retro funk & soul scene, Alex founded People’s Champs inspired by the idea that music is for everyone: They creatively deliver a unique blend of powerful lyrics and danceable rhythms that relate to people from all walks of life. After rocking big events at the Guggenheim Museum & MoMA, countless NYC underground parties, and a multiple-year residency at creative music hotspot Barbes, People’s Champs recently released their first full-length album, “American Dreamers” on boutique Brooklyn label 3rd Generation Recordings.

May 2016 with LADAMA

As musicians, LADAMA collaborates to create original compositions, bringing together disparate elements of a traditional band while writing non-traditional music. As educators and facilitators, LADAMA draws from specific cultural contexts of the communities they serve in order to provide a foundation for participants to use music as a basic form of personal expression and address issues pertinent to them. As the culmination of a two-month tour taking them through Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and the US, LADAMA will partner with two community organizations in Brooklyn, both co-creating a performance piece (to be performed at NS), and leading creative workshops with young people and women.

LADAMA is a music ensemble comprised of five musicians from across the Americas who strive to engage youth and other women in their respective communities in the process of music-making, sound design, composition and audio production. The musicians — Lara Klaus (Recife, Brazil), Daniela Serna (Bogota, Colombia), Maria Gonzalez (Barquisimeto, Venezuela), Sara Lucas (NYC), and Aurora Nealand (New Orleans) — who originally came together through the OneBeat international music exchange, aim to address gender inequality and unequal representation of women in all aspects of music education, industry and business. Through workshops and public performances, they encourage all to express their humanity by building community through music.

Found Sound Nation (FSN) partners with local youth, social organizations and music venues in order to engage people from all walks of life in the interactive process of collaborative music, audio, and video production. FSN’s ultimate goal is to give voice to under-represented communities, unlock the creative potential of youth, and bridge cultural and political divides. As one of NS’s Groups in Residence, FSN will receive free rehearsal space and up to five performances in our season calendar. In return, they will provide a mobile production team and teaching artists through their network of international musicians to facilitate programming.

Events with this program

Summer Labs: Found Sound Nation | Polymath Club

August 13, 2017 - 7:00pm FSN presents a new multigenerational seminar/research/work group on music and philosophy called Polymath Club. Participants meet for bi-monthly meetings and discussion, pairing composers with philosophers/writers, working together to produce a series of original texts and compositions. The group will premiere the new work at National Sawdust, along with new texts and scores and everything in between.

Found Sound Nation: Street Studio Listening Party

June 23, 2016 - 9:00pm
Harman Street Studios Afterparty, will showcase recordings crafted by teams of producers from 8 cities around the world. The evening will also feature additional music by Brooklyn's DJ Nappy G.

Found Sound Nation: LADAMA

May 20, 2016 - 8:00pm LADAMA is an ensemble comprised of four incredible musicians from across the Americas who create and perform original music, and strive to inspire and engage women and youth in their respective communities to engage in music-making, sound design, composition, and audio production.

Found Sound Nation: LADAMA and El Puente Showcase

May 20, 2016 • 7:00pm LADAMA is a music ensemble comprised of five female multi-instrumentalists (guitarists, percussionists, singer/songwriters) from across the Americas who strive to engage youth and other women in their respective communities in the process of music-making, sound design, composition and audio production. LADAMA aims to address gender inequality and unequal representation of women and encourage all to express their humanity by building community through music. A week long residency in partnership with Found Sound Nation and National Sawdust, LaDama will work with young people and women from the El Puente Leaders for Peace and Justice and co-create a new performance piece for a live audience, in addition to leading a performance by LADAMA themselves.

Found Sound Nation Presents: People’s Champs & BCAM

Feb 13, 2016 - 8:00pm
People's Champs & BCAM's performance is the culmination of a two-week music, production & songwriting workshop. In this very special collaboration, students from Bedford Stuyvesant's BCAM High School will be led by experimental-dance-soul-funk collective People's Champs and trombonist / OneBeat exchange alum Alex Asher in the creation of new, original music.

Community Day

Oct 4, 2015 • 11am-6pm

The day begins with the exquisite puppet show for families, Birdheart (ages 6 years and up), by Julian Crouch and Saskia Lane. This is followed by experimental Australian violinist Jon Rose "Sonic Ball"--where he engages the public with a ten-foot-tall, interactive electronic musical instrument. Via sensors and radio transmission, the movements and speed of the ball determine the sonic results. The National Sawdust Inaugural Parade will feature Julian Crouch’s large scale processional puppets with the Asphalt Orchestra for a neighborhood walk and celebration. National Sawdust group-in-residence Found Sound Nation, a collective of musicians and artists who leverage the unique power of creative sound-making to help build strong, just, healthy communities, will hold mobile studios throughout the parade for the public.