Caroline Elizabeth Polachek and Choral Chameleon:

Drawing the Target Around the Arrow

February 23 and 24 – 2017

About the Event

CEP is singer / songwriter / producer Caroline Elizabeth Polachek (Chairlift, Ramona Lisa).

Her first instrumental release, Drawing The Target Around The Arrow (2017, Pannonica Records) is a collection of pieces made only using sine waves. Used for sonar systems and hearing tests alike, sine waves are also called “pure tones”, or “single-frequency waves”. In CEP’s hands, these simple sounds are phased and woven into sonic textiles that range from visceral drones to suspended melodies modelled on bird song. Both medicinal and utilitarian, the collection of pieces revolves around the idea that the simple materials at hand are often all you need.

For the sole live performance of Drawing The Target Around The Arrow, CEP will be accompanied by NYC interdisciplinary vocal ensemble Choral Chameleon, directed by Vince Peterson.

“Voice is imperfect- no two moments are ever the same. As soon as you add voices to this music it becomes an environment, with the voice as a stand-in for the listener. ” -CEP

These two nights are the first of four installations of The Open Mouth: National Sawdust Choral Series for the 2017 season.

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