Sascha von Oertzen

Director of Recording and Chief Recording Engineer

Sascha von Oertzen has worked as a freelance audio engineer in recording studios and live sound, for over 20 years. As a graduate from the prestigious Tonmeister program at Universität der Künste Berlin, (University of Arts in Berlin, Germany) she benefits from having gained a rich knowledge and experience base through working with many great music professionals. She is extremely grateful for experiences from turning pages in recording sessions for Martha Argerich, to score reading in live broadcasts for Bryan Large to working as an engineer with Teldec Studios, (now Teldex) as well as releasing recordings in Jazz with Producers Lee Townsend, Stefan Winter (Winter & Winter), Hal Wilner as well as producing and recording artist’s independent projects. At a young age she also gained her first experiences in live sound installations and mixing with the opening of A-Trane Jazz club in Berlin, mixing shows at Quasimodo and working with live sound installation companies in the Berlin Techno Scene.

Coming to the US in 1997 she has worked as Knitting Factory Records Studio Manager and house engineer broadening her experience to experimental music, live electronics Rock and Pop.

In a dramatically changing landscape of the audio industry Sascha’s interests always remained diverse and she enjoyed the world of live sound and installation. She toured the world with Lila Downs for a number of years as well as worked with Bill Frisell, Jenny Scheinman, Jason Moran, Ute Lemper, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed and many more.

She was in charge of a number of installations at the Whitney Museum, The Steve Reich Marathon, Meredith Monk Marathon, Christian Marclay Festival 2010, Biennial 2012 BLEED with Jason Moran and Alicia Hall Moran.

In 2012 she started working with the Metropolitan Museum conceiving several concerts and projects including the first TEDxMet in 2013.

Her background and skills have led her to be part of the innovative team at National Sawdust, where she can fully engage the 21st Century Artist.